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 Bob Potter & George "Moose" Hewitt were the top vote getters 
followed closely by Don Collins. 
 50 All-time favorite Speedbowl drivers

George Allum
Fuzzy Baer
Dick Beauregard
Jigg Beetham
Jim Broderick
John Brouwer Jr.
Dick Caso
Angie Cerase
Dick Ceravolo
Teddy Christopher
Don Collins
Ron Cote
Don Bunnell
Ed Bunnell
Mike Daigneault
Sal Dee
Ray Delisle
Walt Dombrowski
Dick Dunn
Tommy Fox
Bob "Allie" Gada
Dennis Gada
Jerry Glaude
Billy Harmon
Moose Hewitt
Holdridge, Dale
Mark Lajeunesse
Fred Luchesi
Brian McCarthy
Ed Moody
Art Moran Sr.
Ray Moran
Newt Palm
Jeff Pearl
Jerry Pearl
George Pendergast
Bob Potter
Ed Reed Jr.
Tucker Reynolds Jr.
Phil Rondeau
Bill Scrivner
Glynn Shafer
Bill Slater
Wayne Smith
Ted Stack
Bill Sweet Sr.
Jay Stuart
Seabury Tripler
Hank Stevens
Dick Watson 
Charlie Webster