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Riverhead, N.Y. Nov. 11th.

                                                Barbara and Jim Cromarty honored the NASCAR 2000 champions this past Saturday night at Melville Marriott and in addition to handing out all the championship hardware, they also distributed a total of $35,030 in point fund money in front of 500 at the 17th annual Riverhead Raceway awards banquet.

                                                Frank Vigliarolo, Jr. of Medford for the second consecutive year was honored as NASCAR Modified champion.  Frank earned a handsome $3,200 from the $12,905 point fund posted for 2000. Following Vigliarolo in the 2000 standings and taking home point fund checks as well were, Chris Young ($2,200), Joe Hartmann ($1,700), Howie Brode ($1,200) and Chuck Steuer ($1,000) who completed the top five. Trophies were awarded to the top five owners and drivers. Completing the top ten were Al Ermmarino ($900), Ken Matlach ($800), Bill Park ($700), Ed Densieski ($625) and Wayne Anderson ($580).

                                                In NASCAR Modified special awards Gary Swanander was tabbed Rookie of the Year, while Joe Hartmann was voted Most Improved Driver. Ed Densieski won the Best Appearing Car.  Gail Vigliarolo was named Owner of the Year and Bill Wood from the championship team was the Mechanic of the Year. Jerry Cook of NASCAR presented Richie Niemic with the Borg-Warner Championship Crew Chief Award worth $400 and a plaque.

                                                The 17th annual Cromarty Dedication to Riverhead Raceway honor was bestowed upon Marty Himes from the Himes Museum of Auto Racing Nostalgia for his untiring efforts in preserving the history of auto racing. Bob Kopplin was presented the Aces Landscaping Walt Edsall Memorial award.

                                                Gregg Shivers of Rocky Point was officially crowned Late Model champion for his title run that would see him earn $1,400 from the $6,620 Late Model point fund. Shiver’s mother and car owner Carlene was also named Owner of the Year. Chasing Shivers in the Late Model ranks in 2000 were, Peter Eriksen ($1,300), Roger Oxee ($1,000), Sean Egan ($750) with Larry LaFountaine ($600) fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Steve Tooker ($500), Kevin Metzger ($350), Scott Kulesa ($300), Joe Cerabino ($220) and Chris LaSpisa ($200).

                                                Ed “Bubba’ Zwickel was named Rookie of the Year, while Roger Oxee was voted to have the Best Appearing Car.

                                                Decked out in a cap and gown, the “Dean” Bill Steen of Oakdale realized a 30 year dream when he was presented the Figure Eight championship hardware along with car owner Patty Van Ness. Steen collected $1,000 from the $2,605 Figure Eight point fund. Second through fifth found Tom Rogers Jr. ($450), Ken Hyde ($350), Bobby Wallace ($250) and Keith Tiripicchio ($150). Making up the remainder of the top ten were Mike Mujsce ($125), George Sprague ($100), Roger Maynor ($75), Ron Harrison ($55) and Bill Batsche ($50).

                                                The Figure Eight special awards saw Bill Nunziata named Rookie of the Year, while Tom Rogers Jr. earned the Most Improved Driver honors. Patty Van Ness was named Owner of the Year, while Bill Steen again won the Best Appearing Car award.

                                                Dave Brigati of Calverton earned his first Charger championship in 2000. He along with car owners Cindy Brigati and James Carragher took home ($1,500) from the Charger point fund that was worth $8,030 in addition to their championship hardware. Barry Stanchio ($1,200), Richie Carman ($1,000), Robin Vollmoeller ($850) and Rusty Turbush ($750) were second through fifth. Completing the top ten were Ray Minieri ($700), Eric Lutz ($600), Tom St. Clair ($550), Jack Orlando ($480) and John Piazza ($400).

                                                Chris Turbush was named Rookie of the Year, while Robin Vollmoeller was voted to have the Best Appearing Car and Cindy Brigati and James Carragher were awarded the Owner of the Year.

                                                Henry Cataldo of Massapequa was honored as the 2000 Blunderbust champion and aside from the championship trophies he and car owner Ron Langdon took home, they also earned $650 from the $2,870 point fund. Chasing Cataldo in 2000 were Bobby Gardner ($475), Chris Busick ($375), John Clancy ($350) and Anthony Aiello ($250). The remainder of the top ten were made up by Eugene Malverty ($200), Neal Feola Jr. ($175), Chris Chirico ($150), Tom Alt ($130) and Dale Arnold ($115).

                                                Neal Feola Jr. was honored to have the Best Appearing Car, while Ron Langdon was named Owner of the Year.

                                                The only other repeat champion from 1999 aside from Frank Vigliarolo Jr. was Super Pro Truck champion Rob Humes of East Rockaway. He, along with owner Dan Schmidt, pocketed $550 from the $2,000 SPT point fund for 2000. Following Humes were Tom Gallo ($400), Richie Gottfried Jr. ($300), John Cozza ($175) and Tom Fleming ($120) was fifth. Sixth through tenth were Lou Maestri ($115), Larry Costa ($100), John Denniston ($90), Peter Sparks ($80) and Rich Giordano ($70).

                                                Tony Naglieri of Shirley was honored as the 2000 Legend Race Car champion as he and owner Rick Berotti of Eveready Motorsports took home the championship trophies. In addition Tony was awarded the annual Jack Bagshaw Memorial Cup by John Wellman, which he will hold onto until September of 2001.

                                                Second through fifth in the Legend racecar class were Rich Gerbe, Donny Lia, Brian McElearney and Rob White Jr. The Legend race Car class will receive their point fund money direct from 600 Racing and INEX.

                                                Jeff Wolfe of Selden was presented for the second straight year the Car Rollover championship trophy, while Mike O’Keefe of Islip was the 2000 Demolition Derby champion.

                                                Next up on the Riverhead Raceway slate will be the 2001 NASCAR Weekly Racing Series, which will open with the two pre season practice sessions on Saturday April 7th and April 14th. The 2001 opening night kicking off the 50th year of racing at Riverhead as well the 25th anniversary in racing for Barbara and Jim Cromarty will be on Saturday evening April 21st. The first Sunday Enduro series program will go green the very next day, Sunday April 22nd.

                                                For further information concerning the Riverhead raceway please call 631-842-RACE Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm or visit our website at